Enduro Rules

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1) Open to any 4 or 6 cylinder hardtop passenger cars Minivans. NO 4 wheel drive. NO trucks. All wheel drive vehicles MUST remove driveshaft.

2) All lights, moldings, plastic, etc. must be removed. All mirrors, windows must be removed

3) Tires and wheels must be stock for make and model of car. No racing tires.

4) Driver must be 13 years old or have l year of racing experience and provide ID

5) You must have factory equipment safety belts. Harness or Racing belts highly recommended

6) All equipment is subject to approval of track official for this division of racing

7) No equipment will be considered as being approved until inspected

8) No alteration or reinforcement of frame or body. Unless for protection of driver.

9) Trunks, hatchbacks and doors must be fastened by chain or welding.

10) All cars must be numbered on both sides and shark fin 16’ high.

11) Batteries must be in engine compartment or may be on passenger side floor SECURED

12) All air bags must be removed.

13) Seats must be fastened solid to floor.

14) Gas tank maybe in original position or strapped in trunk with 4 one inch strap.

15) Roll cage optional however recommended that cars are equipped with rollover hoop.

16) Cars found to be illegal will not receive entry fee back and be disqualified.

17) Cars must be removed from track within 48hrs or will become property of Genesee Speedway.

18) Must have 12x12 hole cut in hood

19) All Driver safety Equipment allowed (Racing car seat, Harness etc)

20) Tech inspector has last discretion.
Early enter form must be received by April 1st 2018 date to take advantage of early entry fee
Early entry fee $50.00 car and driver only. Any entry fee received after April 1st 2018 Date or at track is $75.00